Weng Tong Bought 4pax Lunch @ Nic & Tom Sago Lane on 31Aug2022

trotters and romaine lettuce + ytf

weng tong bought OPS 4 bros lunch @ nic & tom sago lane on 31.8.2022.^^


nic & tom trotters best..

today the bun also excellent..crispy outside soft fragrant inside & excellent beef & onions filling👍🏻

百年ytf the usual but w/o the hotpot keeping warm not so fun

tuckshop rice $1.90 nice must order can add trotter sauce to it

haechor average

vege good

salted fish skin good in that better than packet ones

after lunch had chendol + 福禄寿 at 合家欢dessert next door

chendol was very good.. 福禄寿paste 杏仁,黑芝麻,核桃all good👍🏻

c.h.e.f andy


Nic & Tom Eatery – 少年食堂


6 Sago St, Singapore 059011




Opening Hours:


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