Very Poor Service and Food Standard!!! @ Huat Kee Teochew Restaurant RELC on 23Mar2022

4pax lunch with taiji shift instructor Zhu Xiang Qian & mr chua & Lisa on 23.3.2022.^^

@ huat kee teochew restaurant RELC

very bad extremely bad service by manager guy!!!

tea lady was quite nice & good service..

food was poor vs expectation for history and this level of restaurant

appetiser platter really poor..trotter jelly not flavourful no feel of collagen..spring roll etc

what is worse than appetiser platter is the braised duck platter ..I think most hawker stall braised duck kuay chap stall better

the $30 sharksfin was excellent though..the stock was really sweet & smooth never mind the straws of sharksfin..this the stand out dish..

the tipor kailan was competent

& the teochew fried kuay teow was good too good woke..

so I guess food wise 3 stars maybe ok

however worse than bad service by manager in coat is the self defeating practice of overcharging the written menu price hoping customer missed it!

really poor service philosophy…

the kailan charged $20 (menu $18) and the fried kway teow $22 (menu $18)..

for a 4pax meal $304nett charging extra $6 is meaningless & downright silly..

hope restaurant will rethink their business & service philosophy.. what is the right thing to do..

anyway when pointed out to the waiter he did not admit till we refer to the written menu price & wasn’t sure how was the restaurant going to respond..saying the kitchen or chef wrote the price to charge..???

but later they finally did the right thing & correct it & correctly charge the menu price, but without showing and giving you a feel that they recognise the importance of such “error” & will not repeat on other customers.. anyway it’s their problem to address… 😂😎

c.h.e.f andy


Huat Kee @ RELC


02-01 RELC Building, 30 Orange Grove Rd, Singapore 258352



Opening Hours:


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