Wonderful Set Lunch with Wife at Stellar @ One Altitude on 29Nov2021

had great set lunch @ stellar at one altitude on 29.11.2021.^^

the view if course to die for!

& food was excellent!

the sour dough butter & EVO were good..

the amuse bouche was great..I think I can make this like a nicely garlic flavoured mash somewhat less viscous like gazpacho

the smoked duck salad was good dish but a bit let down as we asked server if it was prepared by restaurant..he said yes..it tasted artificial just like the ready made ones ..perhaps that is the method of preparation..I will try to do this see if different result

every table was feasting on the tiger prawns capellini..

it was really good, with a very flavourful cheesy taste to the angelhair..I will try to make this soon..

the tiger prawns were done well..nothing special though..I do that all the time & aunty bes can do too..

the iberico pork collar was another excellent dish..including the pak Choy sides..

dessert was good standard, and restaurant offered a complimentary chocolate mousse cake for special event.

c.h.e.f andy


Stellar @ 1-Altitude


Level 62, 1 Raffles Place, 048616






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