Exquisite Dishes Too Expensive for me at Omakase @ Stevens on 18Sep2021

had 2pax dinner with lisa at omakase @ stevens on 20.9.2021.^^


8-course dinner no amuse bouche was $280pax & did not include gohan dish so we ordered the recommended donburi at $55 to share..

including 2 sake dinner came to $819 for 2pax.

dishes good standard not really extraordinary so for me not worth the steep price.

first dish gomatofu with uni, ikura, dashi jelly was exquisite enough..excellent presentation, texture & taste..

second dish trio-angler liver a bit plain, sanma was tasty, and wagyu carpaccio wrapped over grilled taro very good

3rd dish hay smoked bonito was very good too..hay smoke was great for presentation not much flavour in fish..the sauce which similar to beurre blanc sauce was tasty & dish overall quite delicious.

4th dish awabi with somen on abalone liver sauce very good too.

5th dish shirako nabe with yuba was wonderful tasting..

wife had hotate to replace shirako which I don’t mind also not my favourite.

6th amadai tile fish with scales was very good too..

7th dish charcoal grilled sumiyaki Kagoshima A5 wagyu was the best dish..excellent marbling & really shiok!

8 the 2 desserts were good standard

the donburi $55 came with choice of grilled wagyu, wagyu tartar, iwashi, oysters or ikura..

we picked wagyu tartar..excellent choice really delicious & quite enough to share for 2pax

overall omakase very good standard, most dishes good ingredients quite delicious more of plain lighter palate and certainly fine in plating & taste..

not really wowed.. nothing to complain in terms of quality just for me not worth the steep price..

more satisfaction at kuriya dining omakase lunch and 8picure..

c.h.e.f andy


Omakase @ Stevens


30 Stevens Rd, #01-03, Singapore 257840




Opening hours:

daily (closed Sunday)6–10:30pm

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