Atas Aussie Prime Ribs Bakuteh + 口水鸡 Saliva Chicken 2pax Bro Lunch on 31Mar2021

CCG came by for lunch on 31.3.2021.^^

made atas australian prime ribs bkt.very good 👍

I find it quite worthwhile to buy Aussie prime ribs at S$32/kg..this slab 9 pieces about 700g S$21+…

c/w sheng shiong indonesian prime ribs S$21.90/kg but with huge piece of useless loin meat also 8 ribs per kg thereabout and loin meat chunky and not nice…

I added 2 frozen brazilian ribs S$10/kg from chinatown wet market to add to near 1kg for the 30g ilc sachet to give enuf meat taste to the soup…

….CCG could tell right away lol!

made also a small saliva chicken 口水鸡

& meepok tar for CCG top with saliva chicken.

c.h.e.f andy


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