Yummy RI Meta Bros Tapao Dinner on 4Nov2020

metamorphosis bros tapao food to celerate biden victory & blue wave on 4.11.2020^^

but is was not to be…not yet anyway..

so need another celebration!

thanks to all meta brothers for lovely evening, wonderful fun company & time together

& taikor LCM for organising..

CCG brought adam road kambing soup-super shiok! also french loaf & baguette

KWL brought flavourful 当归roast duck roast pork & braised eggs..also msw ice cream

beng san brought yam basket..also fruits which he cut & presented impressive platter

tai kor brought soon heng rojak from tpy & umeshu from his jap friend, & disposables

NCL brought coffee ribs & veg.

after makan, tai kor presented his top quality RI coffeetable book..akan datang

& beng san brought the walnut birthday cake.

a lovely, yummy dinner with my RI meta bros. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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