Underwhelming Dishes Good Service @ Oso on 28Oct2020

dinner dishes
sophia loren

daughter bought dinner @ oso on 28.10.2020.^^

nice decor and ambience..

focaccia bread soft & nice beef carpaccio was good, sweet.

we ordered 3 pastas.

lobster pasta below average..lobster meat not done well, so not the standard of super tender, sweet, fresh delivery…pasta tomato sauce ok average…

sakura ebi tagliolini was tasty flavourful..

squidink risotto was cheesy, tasty ok just not enough squidink flavours…

colour not black enough..did not have the creamy black texture most good pasta restaurants produce..basically like when i did not have enough squidink to cook my pasta or risotto.

belly pork was good serving also steep price at S$35..texture ok flavours good too…

service was good & they offered a slice birthday cake 👍

overall quite average food kind of underwhelming than expected for a good class restaurant like oso.

c.h.e.f andy


OSO Ristorante


100 Peck Seah St, 27th Floor Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore 079333

Located in: Oasia Hotel Downtown

Opening Hours:


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