OPS Bro WM bought 3pax lunch @ Sabar Japan Food Town Wisma Level 4 on 2Dec2019

S$18.80 chirashi don3

S$18.80 chirashi don

S$18.80 chirashi don

S$18.80 chirashi don

OPS bros WM, WT fetched me to mt e orchard…

afterwards walked over to wisma level 4 japan food town.

WM bought 3pax lunch at sabar.

S$18.80 chirashi don…huge serving of good fresh sashimi ..

basically 2 tiered = bottom tier bara chirashi cheaper square cuts, and upper tier chirashi normal cut. of course not premium sashimi but as good quality as sun with moon and any normal/bara chirashi don in town and twice the serving..lol!

grilled sabar 50% off about S$11 very good too, large saba, fresh and oily very flavourful..

of course can get 1 large saba from sheng shiong at S$3.90, grilled myself, truly just as good.

had kopi afterwards with bros.

c.h.e.f andy



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