My RI Bro CL bought lunch @ Sinfona on 22Dec2019

3 appetizers

3 appetizers=smoked duck breast, blue pressed foie gras, mozarella

Chong Lee bought 3pax S$58pax 12-course omakase lunch unlimited orders @ sinfona ristorante on 22.12.2019.^^

it’s meant for wife and my much belated birthdays. 🙂

sinfona omakase lunch menu

sinfona S$58pax omakase lunch menu

after the first serving of the menu dishes, one can make unlimited orders, then dessert. 🙂

chef simone from sardonia italy and hailed from alkaff mansion, lived in singapore for 8yrs & with sinfona from the start 3yrs ago..

3 appetizers were pretty good. we are liked the smoked duck breast best so we all reordered..smoked flavour was excellent & the fragrant crispy & thick layer of fat did not feel oily..

the blue foie gras tasted like pate..ok light & sweet..

the mozzarella cheese so so.

pumpkin soup competent not my favourite soup chong lee reordered..the anchovies added a salty flavourful twist so i should say better than usual pumpkin soup..

the sardinia uni fregola was tasty..i took the small uni to enjoy separately ..the mango, fregola itself & whole combination was tasty..not sure if cashew did anything..did add some texture..

the mains, however, were not great here..the beef cheek quite below par, texture ok sinewy not best taste was poor so chunky & beefy not tasty..turkey breast ok non descript..

best was the salmon..chong lee reordered ..commented it was chunky but it was pink & moist..the fregola & salmon something i can reordered but too full la for me.

ambience was victoria concert hall so many reservations for wedding & celebrations lunch dinner functions

owner jean foo a lawyer & niece of our 72yr old server who started working at 13.

it was a great lunch with a good friend.

c.h.e.f andy


Sinfona Ristaronte

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