A Deep Loss 2Nov2019

this morning when i woke up from a 3.5hrs sleep, i lost a dear friend and brother.


my dear bro Q passed away in his sleep last evening 11.30pm ish..as per his belief, he is in a better place, in the arms of the Lord and at home with the Lord…i believe that…

as his eldest daughter said-

“Daddy was called home to be with the Lord today. He looked as if he was asleep. It was his hope that when the Lord called him, it would be while he was asleep and we are glad that God has called him back in this way.”

he will be sadly missed by all, his family and loved ones, his RI brothers and friends, and the so many whose lives he has touched and made better, who he brought smiles to their faces literally or by his skillful hands…

at a later date, i want to do something in his memory..to be a part of the celebration of his life and remembrance…to ensure his legacy with kluang rockhouse and bursary…

now, i just want to grief….

i only get to know him well from 2013 (though he always reminded me that he sat behind me during exams) when he joined the earlier G7, then G20 dinners.

and then many, many dinners at my place, and the 14 brothers birthday celebrations, for which KK has made the most wonderful video to treasure and preserve his best memories….cannot stop crying watching it…

and recently the metamorphosis initiated by master guru WL where 7 of us met for like 12 sessions to contemplate retirement and where Q shared what he wants to do in the next 30yrs or more, and for the many projects and many people he is helping and need his helping…

we still keeping the “60” birthday balloon so we can all celebrate our 90th birthday together…

and most recently, Q and 4 of us shared a fun and joyous lunch on 24oct2019.

my wife and daughter are especially close to Q…we celebrated many “everybody’s birthday” including meimei, EH, CL, CM, CH, at my place or outside…

Q is a loving mentor to my daughter..he closed his clinic twice to coach & prep my daughter for admission interview, including coming my place to bring her out for breakfast and coaching…of course he did that for everybody…so many he touched and made better…

Q mostly said the prayers and thanks for our many get-togethers, prayers that spoke what we all shared and treasured in our hearts, even if we had to go hungry while he was at it like forever….

Q will go every single time to fetch CG from his house to go for treatment except once when Q himself was ill recently, and CG so wanted Q to be there this coming wednesday 6nov2019.

Q will live in our hearts forever…he will be with us at every of our get-togethers, and we will do what we will do in his name…

c.h.e.f andy


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