9pax Family Dinner with Brother and Sister @ Chao Shan Cuisine 潮汕林 on 8Jul2019

trotter jelly and hae chor

trotter jelly and liver roll 2xS$14

had 9pax dinner with brother, sil, wc, sister, bil, daghter & jh, wife @ chao shan cuisine 潮汕林 on 8jul2019. ^^

food was generally good not spectacular..only oyster omelette not good and braised goose (frozen from hungary) so so, basically not “pang” – tasty…

sharks head was special and tasty but too ex at S$75..

treadfin tail ok but maybe go for pomfret next time,

and we saw others taking the crab beehoon something to try here.


trotter jelly quite good here. liver roll 肝花good too, S$14 each.

cold crab S$48

cold crab was good, i didn’t eat.

braised goose – S$30 (frozen goose from hungary)

braised goose so so not so tasty.

my own braised duck better. 🙂

oyster egg S$20

oyster egg not good too. not really teochew with crispy plus soft sweet potato starch.

prawns with yellow chives S$36

prawns with yellow chives S$36

this a tasty dish, quite good.

steamed shark’s head S$75

steamed shark’s head rather unique dish, not on menu.

this like 1.3kg and not much flesh (or gelatin), but of course very tasty and delicious.

steam shark’s head

bro and sis all impressed.

kind of expensive i think, maybe better to go eat the zhai soon one.

steam shark’s head

steam shark’s head

anyhow, we all enjoyed this dish.

steamed treadfin tail S$65

treadfin tail not cheap too, a lot more meat to share lol! 🙂

teochew kailan fried kuay teow

teochew kailan fried kuay teow

the teochew chye poh char kuay teow quite standard.

done well here, good wok hae!

dinner bill

orh nee

and the orh nee was good.

S$373 for 9pax, ok not too ex overall.

a delight dinner and family get together.

c.h.e.f andy




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