Good 8pax Dinner @ Lighthouse Bistro on 24Jan2018

seafood platter S$20

had a great everyone’s birthday celebrations for meimei, WEH, LCM (dec) & LCH (jan) at lighthouse bistro on 24.1.2019. ^^

we used chope offpeak 50% vouchers had to strictly log in orders before 6pm.

tomato soup S$8 with crabmeat

prawn bisque S$10

honey charred chickens$19 

appetisers, soup, honey charred chicken good 👍

tomato soup with crabmeat was very good. prawn bisque was good too. 🙂

deepfried chicken s$9.80 

the deepfried chicken cubes were so so ok but could do without.

truffle sweet potato fries S$13.80

truffle sweet potatoes also so so for me, good for group i guess. at this price i could do without also.

sea perch s$24

sea perch S$24

fish & chips S$21

seafood fried rice s$21 

seafood fried rice ok, sambal seafood angelhair not so great, fish & chips batter good fish not so great.

sea perch was best among this lot, competent at least. fish & chips passable but the fish-maybe pangasius or some catfish not so great…fried rice how to say like any zi char fried rice nothing great..

sambal seafood angelhair S$21

sambal seafood angelhair S$21

sambal seafood angelhair S$21

restaurant said no more asian lobster pasta for a 6pm dinner order, or they not willing to serve that at chope discounts?? so we ordered the sambal seafood angelhair..

sambal angelhair not al dente and too sweet, tasted like a not so great chinese or nonya fried noodles. i would say the poorest dish so far and if this is the overall pasta standard, the i can do w/o the lobster too la..

CL bought flores britdhay cake 

CL bought flores cake for the 4 birthdayers.

we checked prior that there is no cakeage. 🙂

choc lava cake S$12

lava was good but chocolate quality not the best, so not the very flavourful valrona dark chocolate.

banana cake S$11

the pisang cake turned out to be the best, very big serving and easy to share.

complimentary cake

becos restaurant made a mistake in logging in 7 main courses instead of 8, we decided to order another main course in any case but w/o chope vouchers since it was past 6pm, CL complained and the restaurant offered a complimentary cake.

i offered to pay for the cake when closing the bill, but restaurant was ok to offer complimentary…good gesture…

panna cotta S$12

panna cotta S$12

panna cotta cake was good..

8pax dinner about s$194nett 

the dinner for 8pax came to about S$194nett after chope offpeak vouchers. 🙂

seafood platter S$20

it was a fun evening for all, another excuse for fellowship and sharing among great friends.

after dinner meimei bought coffee and toastbox across the road.

c.h.e.f andy



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