Wine Dinner (Superb Wine but Poor Steak) at Morton’s The Steakhouse on 2Jun2018

prawn & scallop

wife was invited to a wine dinner @ morton’s the steakhouse on 2JUn2018^^..

i was the spouse invite – gladly la!

wine dinner at morton of chicago 

5 wine pairing 

the wine were the best i had in all the wine dinners i had..5 wines including 1985,1995,2009,2012 etc incredible wines..

prawn & scallop 

food was good for me not fitting wife’s palette

prawn & scallop starter was great. i agree it was not special for this kind of restaurant.

still it was more than competent. both scallops & prawns were fresh & plump & tasty with the bacon wrap..& the salsa was good too. 🙂

smoked bacon 

smoked bacon had wonderful texture & smoked flavours but very salty..

(thinking how i can create this texture of belly pork)

so this was bacon which were sold salted, no doubt the restaurant smoked their own….

it could be a main course served with rice or other carbs in its own rights, then it might be ok…as a second appetizer (kind of large serving) or a primi (first main course) it was too salty taken on its own..

fillet & foie gras

fillet & foie gras 

unfortunately the fillet was well below par. it felt really odd to be saying that of a steak restaurant.

firstly they got the the menu wrong. the menu said ny strip so everyone ordered medium rare ..instead we had fillet (which wife & i & many on the table would have ordered rare)..

steak was well charred but hard on the outside & dry on the inside! there was some sweetness but tenderloin are less flavourful thna marbled meats & need to be tender & moist, so can only say the steak was well below par,…

foie gras was not well seared & camaralised. this a different preparation, texture like steamed, so also not what wife likes.

in that sense the management & service was at fault as if the restaurant had changed from ny strip to fillet, well managed & well trained staff ought to have inform the guests.



dessert was maybe the best even for wife & i who are not dessert persons..

it was much sweeter than what i would usually take, but it was super moist & tasty so the sweetness came with wonderful flavours that i took double than what I usually would.

c.h.e.f andy


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