Excellent 4pax Birthday Lunch for my Godsis & Bros @ Kai Gardens on 21Dec2017

birthday cake from swissbake

meimei, my god-sis, and her hubby, WEH’s birthday this month & my RI bro & jogging partner birthday early jan.

last year, we had a homecooked everyone’s birthday on 28.12.2016.

this time i arranged a 4pax lunch at kai gardens on 21.12.2017. ^^

Kai Garden 4pax set lunch menu

it is a top-value 4pax 6-course set lunch menu. ^^

vinegared cloud fungus & mushroom fritters

appetizers consist of vinegared cloud fungus & mushroom fritters

vinegared cloud fungus

cloud fungus was excellent, lightly vinegared with 镇江醋, very fragrant, crunchy & tasty.

this maybe i can try to make myself.

mushroom fritters

the mushroom fritters were very good too. i can probably do this too.

xiaolongbao 小笼包

xiaolongbao 小笼包 was good standard, thin skin, very sweet broth & inlaid meat, and held easily from the thicker top.


the deepfried dimsum item was very good too. can’t remember what it was. 🙂

五彩缤纷鸭5 colour peking duck

the star of the show was 五彩缤纷鸭5 colour peking duck, served with 5-colour pancake skin & 5-colour sauce.

normal price was S$88 just for the duck, and i think like S$18 for second eat. so this S$98 6-course deal which included the second eat, was really special deal.

五彩缤纷鸭5 colour peking duck

and they were not just sitting pretty.

the different coloured skin and the sauces were both top material.

五彩缤纷鸭5 colour peking duck

great crispy peking duck skin, made about 20cuts, so we had 5 servings each.

nicely flavoured pancake skin & sauce. one of the best peking ducks anywhere!

garoupa fillet

the garoupa fillet was forgettable.

shredded duck meat noodles

shredded duck meat noodles

the duck noodles were very tasty as well..

osmanthus jelly

i am no fan of osmanthus jelly.

still, it was fragrant, and nicely done. somehow i felt the ones at timhowan shamshuipo hong kong were softer & much better!

birthday cake from swissbake

service here very good. the server who attended to us throughout lunch very experienced, competent & friendly. we had a cake. 3 staff gathered to sing birthday song. ^^

we had a great lunch together – good food, great service & wonderful company…. WEH gave me a hug after lunch. ^^

well as long as they have good-value sets like this here & for dinner as well, i will come again!

c.h.e.f andy


Kai Garden 嘉苑


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