8pax Family + Friend Home Kaisen Don + Pasta + Steak on 31Dec2017

kaisen don

wife & son back from skiing in hokkaido today on new year eve 31.12.2017. ^^

& brought back uni, ikura, hotate, ika, tako etc.

wife said “make tamago” so i made tamago… ^^

happy new year!

a happy new year eve family gathering…

we were 7pax…aunty bes not yet returned from philippines…son brought a friend..

kaisen don

the hotate were so good…..so sweet, tasty, succulent!

& wife made nice vinegared sushi rice…

kaisen don

kaisen don

& uni…so good, so fresh & sweet!

my tamago too, good stuff!


& there’s ika…very nice with the scallion vinegar sauce provided.


& tako…

i always like ika better than tako though..


tamago was easy to make..3eggs, 1tbsp mirin, 1.5tbsp tsuyu, 2/3tbsp sugar, 3 tbsp water or stock.

then soaked kitchen towel in oil, wipe the non-stick pan, and layer…one layer…next layer..

chorizo prawns linguine

kaisen don not enuf for greedy bunch.

so i made 2 pasta.

first, chorizo prawn linguine…browned garlic, fried chorizo in olive oil with chilli padi & sweet basil, added white wine & tasty stock, then tossed linguine…

chorizo prawns linguine

very tasty pasta, and chilli padi gave the kick.

but chorizo flavours did not stand out, maybe need to add more sliced chorizo, maybe should add prawn stock to chicken stock…

chorizo prawns linguine

still, a very tasty pasta by any other reference…

seafood fiduea

they all liked the seafood fiduea..

eldest daughter tried this dish for the first time…of course i did not have fiduea, just using cut angelhair as proxy…

seafood fiduea

it’s a bigger portion for 8pax, so harder to manage the amount of stock vs pasta to maintain the infused flavours & keep the pasta cooked & al dente…so not as tasty as my previous smaller servings…

the angel hair took quite a bit longer to cook than when it was small serving…prawns were precooked 70% & added at the end so pretty well managed…still managed to get the al dente & cooked, stock infused angel hair.

son flamed usda prime steak

son tested out the sous vide machine…2 hrs at 54.5degC, then flamed.

somehow it was more than medium rare? maybe needed to have a thicker cut…

not as good as the same usda prime steak i made recently just simply pan-grilled.

son flamed usda prime steak

still a good tagliata di manzo presentation…we had a second steak w/o the salad base..

my flamed lamb chop

my flamed lamb chop

& to complete the sous vide experimentation, i threw in a lamb chop, same 54.5degC for 2hrs & flamed…

turned out to be a very nice lamb, with no gamey taste…

a very fun & memorable new year eve family dinner.

c.h.e.f andy


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