RI Bro bought 11pax Dinner @ Ah Yat Abalone Forum on 6Nov2017

garlic steamed razor clams S$5.50 each

my good friend dentist bro bought 11pax dinner at ah yat abalone forum to celebrate my wife, daughter & son birthdays in november on 6.11.2017. ^^

we ordered the usual promo items.

garlic steamed razor clams S$5.50 each

the razor clams were very well done, consistent & perfect texture 火侯& the best garlicy flavour & with tanhoon. great stuff! 🙂

3 boston lobsters in superior stock上汤焗 @ S$29.80 each

there were 11pax. i ordered 5 boston lobsters at the promo price @ S$29.80 each. ^^

i know the superior stock preparation 上汤焗 is good here so i ordred 3 lobsters in superior stock上汤焗.

lobster in superior stock上汤焗

live lobsters, so perfectly fresh & sweet & tasty.

lobster in superior stock上汤焗

today though the superior stock上汤焗  was not the best i had here, not intense or tasty enough…

2 boston lobsters in lime sauce @ S$29.80 each

i had wanted to the pumpkin preparation which was the popular dish at ah yat grandstand.

the server said they don’t do here, and she recommended the lime sauce preparation.

and it was very good. very tasty sauce indeed!

2 boston lobsters in lime sauce @ S$29.80 each

a new preparation for me & a thoroughly delicious & enjoyable one.

it trigger my interest, maybe i will try doing pumpkin sauce preparation and also this lime sauce preparation at home, maybe with prawn first & see if i want to progress to crab or lobster…

crab tanhoon = 1.2kh crab @ S$98/kg & 30% discounts

they do not serve sri lankan crab. the server recommended the canadian crab similar to dungeness crab 麵包蟹…

crab tanhoon = 1.2kh crab @ S$98/kg & 30% discounts

crab tanhoon was very tasty. everyone loved it… 🙂

crab tanhoon = 1.2kh crab @ S$98/kg & 30% discounts

it’s a bit expensive. th dish cost like S$82 after 30% discounts.

it was very good though, and this huge serving size was necessary to feed 11 hungry chappies…. 🙂

HK steamed garoupa = 1kg @ S$38/kg

tiger garoupa is another promo dish here at S$38/kg.

& it is done really well here. excellent every time, and no different this evening. ^^

HK steamed garoupa = 1kg @ S$38/kgHK steamed garoupa

fish was very fresh, meat was bouncy and very tasty, nicely garnished.

the sauce was very fragrant.

HK steamed garoupa = 1kg @ S$38/kg

everyone enjoyed the fish! 🙂

HK steamed garoupa = 1kg @ S$38/kg

really like the simple hong kong steam preparation..meat very tasty & sauce very fragrant…

fried brocoli S$32

had to add a vegetable & it’s really expensive… large brocoli for S$32!

fried brocoli S$32

brocoli was ok, not specially good wokhae. i can do this kind of standard anytime.

seafood horfun 

seafood hor fun was ok, good serving size, enough for 11pax.

good enough wok hae i supposed.. a pretty ok competent dish, not particularly outstanding.

seafood horfun

good a mount of ingredients too.

they charge like S$2.70pax for tea & another S$3 per plate of peanuts which is tied to the napkins. so we have to pay for the nuts otherwise no napkins.. for our 11pax dinner they charged $9 for peanuts + napkins…maybe it is inventive, but i think it is a nuisance, though ok if the food is good & price is right then let them make some money ok la…

dinner for 11pax was S$%18 nett. i think price ok considering we had 5 lobsters, 1.2kg crab. 1 kg garoupa, 11 razor clams + brocoli + horfun.

everyone enjoyed the food.

anyway we had a very fun dinner, my family of 5 + my good friend & bro dentist + godsis & 2 hubby + 3 RI bros…

very memorable evening & happy birthdays to my wife, daughter & son…

c.h.e.f andy



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