Wonderful Good-Value 7-course Dinner with Wife = S$128 for 2pax @ Domvs on 1Jun2017

#1 prawn with passionfruit sauce 

domvs having a UOB cards promotion 1 for 1 set lunch = S$58 &  1 for 1 set dinner = S$128.

i had come here for lunch twice, once with my godsis on 6.4.2017. 

&  another time with my RI friend to celebrate his birthday.

the 4-course lunch at S$58++ for 2pax is really good value.

i asked chef then how’s the dinner? he said it’s a 7-course.

so i decided to come here with wife for dinner & we were looking forward to this evening on 1.6.2017. Not disaapointed! ^^

domvs on a thursday evening 

restaurant was like 1/3 full on a thursday evening, about 4 tables including ours & maybe just 12pax…too few patrons to sustain?


bread was good standard & came with 3 dips – sundried tomatoes, extar virgin olive oil & balsamic.

#1 prawn with passionfruit sauce 

first was a grilled tiger prawn with passionfruit sauce.

prawn was done well, i guess like any grilled prawns. the passionafruit sauce was good!

#2 braised beef ribs 

next was a braised beef ribs. very well done dish, quite excellent!

#2 braised beef ribs 

meat tender & very flavourful with the sauce.

#3 pan seared scallops 

3rd course was a pan seared scallop.

a nice, competent dish, nothing too special.

#3 pan seared scallops 

not quite the exceptional scallop dish at disgruntled chef at ang siang hill,

#4 iberico pork with cheese 

the iberiaco pork with a slightly melted cheese was an excellent dish.

#4 iberico pork with cheese 

pork was very good, and the cheese was super, truly enhancing the taste of the pork in combination.

#5 ravioli 

5th course was a pasta, a ravioli.

this was very good too, the same as what they served for the set lunch.

#5 ravioli 

an excellent ravioli, light & flavourful.

#6 lamb rack 

the lamb rack had quite  a robust taste, not like some including my own which have mild gamey taste.

this one was strong but it was good, flavourful.

#6 lamb rack 

not a dish for wife, but i thoroughly enjoyed it.


#6 beed steak 

wife ordered the steak.

it was very good too. not quite comparable to say prime portico steak but nevertheless a very good steak good restaurant standard.

#7 trio of dessert 

the trio of dessert was i guess a quick introduction to the restaurant’s dessert.


the tiramisu was very good.

wife said it was same as my own tiramisu, and indeed it was, very similar to texture & taste & liquor content.

chocolate cake 

chocolate cake was good.

panna cotta 

panna cotta was average, nowhere near the excellent panna cotta at lake como.

we had a truly wonderful 7-course celebration dinner, good food & gooder value. not quite the fine dining standard, but the dishes were very tasty & that’s what counts.

c.h.e.f andy


Domvs by Gabriel Fratini


39 Scotts Rd, Sheraton Towers Singapore, Singapore 228230


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