Kurobuta & Prawn Alio Olio (Own Recipe) on 18Apr2017

kurobuta & prawn alio olio

eating alone this evening on 18.4.2017. been doing that a bit recently. 🙂

kurobuta & prawn alio olio

had some leftover shabu kurobuta in the freezer. decided to use them.

shabu (涮) simply means to poach for few seconds (8secs) in boiling water, like in a hotpot or steamboat, meaning the meat are very thinly sliced for that purpose.

i decided also to add 4 prawns. these are items are could be easily defrosted &prepared.

kurobuta & prawn alio olio

basically it was making alio olio.

& i figured any ingredients that makes it flavourful & tasty would deliver a great pasta.

kurobuta & prawn

alio olio is easy to do.

usually i browned a whole bulb of garlic cloves in olive oil. since kurobuta has lots of oil, so i cooked kurobuta first (real quick for the thin slices), set aside & used the oil to brown the garlic. i also added cut chilli padi & thai sweet basil.

then i cooked the prawns, seasoned with fish sauce & white pepper.

kurobuta & prawn

and that’s it. that’s all there is to it for making a very tasty pasta.

kurobuta & prawn alio olio

i boiled the pasta per instructions (8mins for instant spaghetti) to just below al dente.

kurobuta & prawn alio olio

the drained & added to the base.

kurobuta & prawn alio olio

off fire & tossed the pasta.

that’s it!

really delicious la…the shabu(thin sliced) kurobuta was so very flavourful!

c.h.e.f andy

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