Pineapple Tarts & Almond Cookies made by OPS Friend on 17Jan2017


had great dimsum tea with 2 OPS primary school buddies at paradise dynasty @ onekm today on 17.1.2017.

one friend passed me 2 tubs – pineapple tarts & almond cookies …

he not letting me off leh….😜😂😎

after I finished 1 tub of his pineapple tarts liao….


can’t say which is better..i absolutely LOVE both! ^^

pineapple tarts very nice pastry, and fillings slight sour not too sweet. for me it was perfect!

the almond cookies, the best too..crispy, flaky/powdery? don’t know la…very nice “toh teoh liao la”…

i whatsapp the guys, after eating 1 tub of each, i decided no need to ask for recipe, just ask for finished product boleh da! ^^

c.h.e.f andy


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