Best Vegetarian Meal i had & Extra Mile Service @ Joie by Dozo on 15Jan2017

chefs appetizer

chefs appetizer platter

wife & i had lunch with my niece & her hubby at joie by dozo today on 15.1.2017. ^^

they brought along their son, now 15months old. such a cute baby, and so well behaved. a full 2hr+ lunch & he did not cry & scream. and was enjoying every dish in the 6-course set lunch. haha! ^^

first time 3 of us in this restaurant. only my niece had been here with friends before.

my family have frequented dozo since early 2000. my eldest daughter had her 21st birthday lunch party at dozo. i was quite surprised to see yan the proprietor again in such a long while since dozo times, and he was first to recognize me (or perhaps he saw my reservation name..haha!).

we sat in a room with view of the roofttop garden outside

we sat in a room with view of the roofttop garden outside

we got seated in a room looking out on the rooftop garden.


lemon sorbet palate cleanser

lemon sorbet palate cleanser

had a lemon sorbet drink to get us started. bringing back good memories of dozo.

the menu at joie, as at dozo, is the familiar 6-course set lunch (& 7-course set dinner).

we started with the chef’s appetizer platter (top photo).

very nice indeed. the “cured salmon” centrepiece very interesting texture. wife thought it was like carrot juice with some gelatine, later confirmed by yan that it was konnyaku, which has gel properties. the cracker was nice & so was the raspberry thing which burst in your mouth!

button mushrooms gratin

button mushrooms gratin

server said the button mushrooms gratin was the favourite dish here. wife & i ordered that.

button mushrooms gratin

button mushrooms gratin

served like escargot dish, it was quite excellent. the mozzarella gratin was great.

bailing mushroom paper hotpot

bailing mushroom paper hotpot

niece got the bailing mushroom hotpot. looked nice, i probably try that next time.

charcoal tempura

charcoal tempura – yam, eggplant, banana, apple with japanese goma dressing

niece’s hubby took the charcoal tempura.

i tried a small portion. it was quite nice, better than it looked & i expected, especially with the japanese goma (sesame) sauce.

truffle cepe mushroom veloute

infusion of cepes & truffle

the infusion of cepes & mushrooms is another must-order item here.

i had that. it came with the same truffle piece that you are supposed to place on your tongue to savour the truffle scent. brought back wonderful memories of dozo.

clear tomato soup with dumpling

clear tomato soup with spinach dumpling

wife ordered the clear tomato soup. it had chickpeas & there was a spinach dumpling. quite nice soup.

pumpkin soup

pumpkin veloute

the pumpkin veloute looked ok. niece’s hubby ordered that.

pumpkin soup

pumpkin veloute

i quite like pumpkin soup. wife doesn’t like though.

monkey head mushrooms on puye

grilled monkey head mushroom “steak” on pu ye

coming to the main, the must-order dish is the grilled monkey head mushroom “steak”. wife, i & niece’s hubby ordered that.

it was very good, the “steak” was quite excellent, and the dip sauce was excellent.

ravioli - spinach & pumpkin

duo of spinach & pumpkin ravioli

niece ordered the duo of spinach & ravioli.

it looked great too. i will probably order that next time. 🙂

hawaian blue

hawaiian blue

for the drink, i had hawaiian blue.

it’s a mocktail with laichee. i ordered it as this drink was not available at dozo previously.

apple melody

apple melody

wife ordered apple melody.

it was quite nice, though wife didn’t quite like.

all 5 desserts

all 5 desserts 

yan ordered all 5 desserts for us to share. a great gesture.

chocolate mousse

chocolate mousse 

i liked the liquid chocolate the most. great taste & excellent texture too.

creme brule

truffle creme brulee

& i liked the truffle creme brulee too, and normally i do not. so the truffle made all the difference.


yogurt pudding

the yogurt pudding was quite exciting also.

again great texture, slight sour taste, combined well.

pear compote

red wine poached pear with lime sorbet 

i guess for me the poached pear was the least interesting of the desserts.

chocolate lava cake

chocolate lava cake

& they had a beautiful chocolate lava or fondant cake as well.

just that like wife said, chocolate lava a common dessert so not so exciting, but this one tasted quite wonderful. 🙂

the 6-course lunch was S$38.80pax. so lunch was S$182nett for 4 pax. we had an extra free dessert, so we tried all 5 desserts on the menu. plus they gave an extra chocolate lava dessert also for the baby. must say the service here quite the extra mile category. ^^

it certainly was the best vegetarian i had, but as yan said, we don’t have to treat vegetarian as vegetarian. instead just another style or offering, like yesterday chinese, today jap, another day joie by dozo…

anyway we enjoyed the lunch very much, & a large part of it watching my grand nephew manouvre to get him feasting on every dish.

c.h.e.f andy


Joie by Dozo


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