Good Lunch @ Soup Restaurant Clementi Mall 三盅两件 on 26Oct2016

samsui chicken & mushroom brocoli

samsui chicken & mushroom brocoli

a friend bought lunch @ soup restaurant 三盅两件at clementi mall on 26.10.2016. ^^

we ordered 2 dishes – samsui chicken & mushroom brocoli. 🙂

samsui chicken

samsui chicken – S$18.90

i have not been to soup restaurant for probably more than 10years.

samsui chicken a long time signature dish of soup restaurant.

it really is an excellent dish!

samsui chicken

samsui chicken – S$18.90

this dish is like 白斩鸡, the chicken rice chicken, but is served with minced ginger sauce & no chilli.

the chicken is tender, moist & sweet, and the minced ginger sauce is a perfect condiment. 🙂

definitely better than the 白斩鸡 i made.

it is taken with lettuce, but i was quite happy eating the chicken on its own. 🙂

mushroom brocoli

mushroom brocoli – S$12

the other dish was brocoli with mushrooms, nice & tasty.

a competent dish, nothing special.

lunch for 2pax was S$37. quite ok.

c.h.e.f andy


Soup Restaurant 三盅两件 @ Clementi Mall

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