Helper Made Nice Home Dinner on 27Jun2016

homecook dishes

homecook dishes 

my filipino helper made some simple homecooked dishes this evening on 27.6.2016.

really delicious! ^^

my helper cooks for the family most times when we are eating at home, and i am not experimenting some dishes.

chilli prawns

chilli prawns 

the chilli prawns were excellent!

medium prawns from chinatown very fresh.

i think she used a thai sing ikan bilis chilli sauce. very easy, quick & really shiok!

chilli long beans & fried tofu

chilli long beans & fried tofu 

& the chilli tofu & fried bean curd were really “them” nice la…

so tasty. i think she used another thai sing chilli sauce…i usually find out only if i want to cook the dish la…

chilli ocra

chilli ocra 

& her chilli ocra very nice too. she did not use my gimson nonya sauce so it was a different taste, but no less nice….

we also had a soup & steamed fish.

nice home dinner.

c.h.e.f andy


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