Homecooked Dinner for Daughter & Friends on 10Jun2016

7pax dinner dishes

7pax dinner dishes

daughter finished an exhausting term & asked me to do a dinner for her friends after their exams on 10.6.2016. ^^

i did 5 dishes & my helper did the excellent quinoa pumpkin tofu salad, a popular dish among my friends that my wife first made after having it at marmalade.

7pax dinner dishes

7pax dinner dishes

we were going to let them have dinner themselves.

daughter asked us to join dinner so we had 7pax dinner. 🙂

salad was as wonderful as it looked, very refreshing. 🙂

cherry tomatoes & mesclun

cherry tomatoes & mesclun

i bought some perino cherry tomatoes so my helper made another salad with mesclun. 🙂

i did the usual spanish omelette, not my best, but it was quite ok la…

prawn spaghetti in pink sauce

prawn spaghetti in pink sauce

i did the 2 pastas an hour earlier as we were planning to go out & let my daughter & friends have dinner by themselves.

spaghetti was al dente & very tasty when i prepared it. i put it in aluminium foil to keep warm but it got a bit soggy. taste was ok but texture was out so overall experience not great.

squidink was much better, still al dente & tasted great. there was a bit leftover & wife told me it was still good the next day.

the pan-grilled chicken thighs were excellent. very tasty. i had the usual thai yellow curry dip.

additionally, i experimented on a patatas bravas sauce as a dip for the chicken, a spicy tomato based sauce. every one loved it.

it’s an excellent sauce, i will record the recipe later. daughter’s friends used the leftover sauce to add to the tomato pasta.

i had my usual reverse searing pan charred ribeye steak, and i did a mock kurobuta using pork collar too.

this evening though these 2 meats were ok but not the usual excellent steak i made.

c.h.e.f andy


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