Nice Chee Cheong Fun @ Teck Hin Congee Ghim Moh Food Centre on 2Feb2016

S$2 chee cheong fun

S$2 chee cheong fun

after my haircut at ghim moh the other day (2.2.2016), i walked over to the temporary ghim moh food centre to try out some of the stalls –

  1. i had the S$2.50 lor mee at hock lye but it was so-so only;
  2. i decided to tapao (buy back) the chwee kueh (famous 57yrs recipe). again below satisfaction la.

i also bought back the chee cheong fun.

luckily this one was pretty good. of the 3, this was the best for me. S$2, nothing much no ingredients just rice & tapioca flour, but the chee cheong fun was soft & smooth & nicely savoury with chilli & sweet sauce, sprinkled with toasted sesame.


c.h.e.f andy

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