Mee Sua Soup (面线汤)

mee sua soup (面线汤)

mee sua soup (面线汤)

only 2 of us eating dinner at home last evening.

our helper cooked a mee sua soup (面线汤), a simple dish put together by wife.

mee sua (面线) is a very thin wheat noodle, can be a light, tasty meal especially in soupy preparation.^^ 🙂

mee sua soup (面线汤)

mee sua soup (面线汤)

kang kong (morning glory) & tau gay (bean sprouts) were blanched & set aside.

prawns were pan fried & minced pork cake cooked in the stock, & set aside.

when serving, cook the mee sua in the stock, serve & add kang kong, tau gay, prawns & minced pork cake. most important add chilli padi. brings out the flavours wonderfully. ^^ 🙂

c.h.e.f andy

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