Recipe = Miso Belly Pork (7hrs 90degC)

#1 miso belly pork

7hrs 90degC miso belly pork

did a miso belly pork for a homecooked 8pax modern japanese course dinner recently on 5.12.2015. ^^

i intended it for a pork option for the steak don in case some friends may not take beef or take less beef.

8hrs 90degC miso belly pork

7hrs 90degC miso belly pork

i had done some good miso belly pork previously & served them at some home dinners.

those were fashioned after nobu miso cod & marinated for 3 days in a chiller.

8hrs 90degC miso belly pork

7hrs 90degC miso belly pork

for this new recipe, i decided to –

  • much reduce the marinade & time (so that i can serve on the same day)
  • lengthen the slow braised cooking time (i initially set for 10hrs but it was good at 7hrs..just the texture i wanted, tender but firm to the cut, not overly braised)
  • not broil or pan char (so the cooking process is simplified, in fact the simplest of preparation)
  • the aim is to produce a very tender, tasty chashu (japanese braised pork used for don or ramen)

i mixed together a much reduced amount of marinade – 1 tbsp flat miso, 1 tsp sugar, 1tbsp light soy sauce, 2 tbsp sake, 2 tbsp mirin, 2 tsp minced garlic. scalded the belly pork with boiling water to remove scum, and placed in a small oven-proof dish with cover & have the marinade up to 1/2 of 2/3level.

then i placed in a 90degC preheated oven for 7hrs, turning over at 4hrs.

miso belly pork3

7hrs 90degC miso belly pork

behold the beautiful miso belly pork – wonderful colour, superb texture & taste. jolly good! ^^

miso belly pork2

miso belly pork don

i served it with don, using a sushi rice.

miso belly pork

miso belly pork don

it was excellent!

miso belly pork4

miso belly pork don

such a simple 1 step preparation basically. 🙂

#7 kakuni (japanese braised belly pork) don with miso salmon belly

miso salmon belly+miso belly pork don

beef don+miso salmon belly+miso belly pork2

steak don+miso salmon belly+miso belly pork

for the modern japanese course dinner, i served the miso belly pork as an additional option to steak don & miso salmon belly.

c.h.e.f andy