Why I Blog & My Guidelines & Perspectives

i set myself a few guidelines (like to call it perspectives) when i started this blog-

  1. privacy – my blog is primarily for my personal enjoyment, recollections, relishing & sharing moments of joy & get-togethers/fellowship with family & friends. thus all posts/photos/stories/gossips on people are private & password protected.
  2. sharing with public – internet/youtube/facebook & social media have empowered us. i have gained tremendously from shared knowledge of friends & strangers alike, and if my posts can be of use or enjoyment to anyone, then super! thus i am happy to share my recipes, food reviews, travel posts & also photos of food & scenery with public.
  3. only things worth sharing – of my many food reviews, perhaps only 2 are negative. first, i try to be very selective if i am the one choosing the places to dine. second, for myself, i do not find any motivation to spend time posting reviews of places i didn’t like & won’t go back – doesn’t quite make sense to me though i can see there is some value in alerting other diners. still i get more kick sharing joy & things i like than things i don’t. 🙂 likewise for sharing good & successful recipes. i do share though on facebook bad dining experience & recipe failures.