Grateful for What We Have

grateful for what we have is a very important mental state, it opens our hearts, makes us appreciative, caring, generous, see the positives about ourselves & others & not stifled by negative emotions.

even though i am not a christian, i enjoy very much the company of my many great christian friends, and especially the practice of saying grace before a meal, and before some events (as when 1 of my very dear dentist friend led a christian + dental mission to siantan pontianak to care for the children of an orphanage there. my youngest daughter, the only christian in the family had joined that mission). 🙂

saying thanks in earnest & humility for all the things that happen in our lives help us to appreciate, treasure & cherish what we have, instead of constantly chasing after what we do not have & missing out on every single moment of joy, happiness & peace that we have. it is of course easier said than done as we are swarmed by negative emotions every minute of the day & this is the same constant reminder to myself to awake to the joy of the moment, here & now, as spoken in an earlier post on live to eat. 🙂

so, thank you to my family, my friends and to Singapore! 🙂

c.h.e.f andy