SM & JH Bought 4pax Lunch @ La Tapiera on 18Apr02021

sumin JH bought 4pax lunch @ la tapiera on sunday 18.4.2021.^^

one of our favourite restaurants..

new set lunch menu 1.5 weeks ago..

wife also ordered ham and cheese croquettes alacarte..

grilled octopus still best no change

fried egg escargot new item so so

sumin had black cod new item so so

lisa had bouillabaisse & JH had saffron seafood risotto both very good..

I had grilled lamb leg new item replaced the excellent lamb rump..i specifically asked & manager advised same preparation but customers feedback more tendonous than the lamb rump..

still a good dish, tasty with great sauce & sides but not comparable with the lamb rump

coffee included but we forgot & restaurant did not remind us..

anyway we visiting wenyu & wenyu’s coffee better than restaurants.

c.h.e.f andy


La TaperiaAddress:1 Scotts Rd, 02-10/11, Singapore 228208Located in: Shaw Centre 8336Opening Hours:


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