Very Good 7pax Family Dinner @ Patara Tanglin Mall on 12Jan2018

tomyam talay S$12

had 7pax family dinner at patara tanglin mall this evening on 12.1.2018. ^^

my impression was long time not come here…but actually when i looked up, in fact we had a poor 2pax dinner here on 17.2.2017.

this time in fact it was very good food…love it!

they no longer served the pot of tomyam soup, so we ordered just 2 tomyam talay S$12, a clear & a original…for this place, the original always better, much more flavourful..

pomelo salad

pomelo salad

pomelo salad was good & refreshing, maybe 4 pieces of medium prawns..

prawn curry

everyone loved the prawn curry, really fragrant & flavourful…

prawn curry

we ended up ordering like 5 white rice at S$3 each. curry was just so good!

sotong in salted egg sauce

the squid in salted egg sauce didn’t sound very thai..not the usual xi char preparation..and this pretty good on its own!

duck curry

red duck curry always our favourite..

nearly as good as the prawn curry..

green curry beef

usual we take green curry chicken. this evening we took beef.

we didn’t think the flavours went/combined very well. beef was tenderised but a bit too beefy/strong..didn’t go with the curry..

australia steak

the australian sirloin was very good…

australia steak

tender, chargrilled very well & medium rare, and nice beef sauce.

lamb rack

the lamb rack was excellent too…

lamb rack

most like the lamb even more than the beef..i do too!

olive rice

the olive rice was still good.

everyone thought the serving ahd shrunk a lot.

bill S$217

daughter had this entertainer app thing. we could get 3 main courses free.

so dinner was $217nett after three 1 for 1 main courses from entertainment app. pretty good!

c.h.e.f andy


Patara Fine Cuisine @ Tanglin Mall


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