Great Omakase @ Hachi on 8Nov2017

#1 hotate isobe age

had another awesome A5 ohmi wagyu omakase lunch at hachi on 8.11.2017. ^^

first dish was hotate isobe age, a nori (seaweed) flavoured fritter of scallop on a bed of pumpkin puree.

scallop was good, sweet…the nori flavoured fritter also very nice.

#2 large oyster with ponzu jelly

the oyster with ponzu jelly was another really delectable dish…so nice lor!

oyster very fresh, plump & sweet, & the ponzu jelly combined perfectly. 🙂

#3 ohmi wagyu nimono 近江和牛 with taro

the ohmi wagyu 近江和牛nimono (steamed dish) was so flavourful & melt-in-the-mouth.

i think maybe i will try making this dish myself, getting a cheaper wagyu cut & sous vide or low temperature braise.

#4 sashimi moriawase – akami, kampachi, hirame

the sashimi moriawase had only akami, kampachi, hirame. all the sashimi were very good, very sweet.

but the quality of ingredients prompted me to look at past omakase lunches i had here.

looking at the photos of the sashimi moriawase on 2.2.2017 with my 3 OPS bros, the sashimi today was much inferior in quality by comparison.

likewise, then we had uni isobe we had hotate isobe age…quite different la..

#5 grilled A5 ohmi wagyu steak

the grilled A5 ohmi wagyu steak was the best dish for this flavourful, marbled, melt-in-your-mouth. ^^

#5 grilled A5 ohmi wagyu steak 

it was served with some some charcoal salt, sweet potato, a white grated wasabi, momotaro tomatoes from hokkaido, crackers and a wedge of tiny dried fishes. awesome!

#6 ohmi wagyu sushi 

the 3 ohmi wagyu sushi were yopped with a ponzu minced daikon, uni & caviar, and a white foie gras dust. 🙂

#6 ohmi wagyu sushi

i liked all 3, not surprisingly the caviar & uni one best. the white foie gras dust did not seem to add anything to the delicious wagyu sushi….

#7 soba with sakura ebi

the “gohan” item for the set was soba with sakura ebi. nice too.

#7 soba with sakura ebi 

tasty dish & sakura ebi flavour & texture was a great accompaniment.

#8 vanilla ice cream with chestnut

they did not have the kuromame which they supposed to serve so replaced by a vanilla ice cream with pistachio chips & chestnut mash in the middle. nice dessert too.

the omakase lunch is now S$95pax (S$88pax before). it is 8-course c/w with the omakase dinner, now at S$178 pax and S$218pax (S$138pax & S$188pax before). it is not cheap but with 3 servings of A5 ohmi wagyu i guess that is still for me the best jap omakase in town for the price.

if c/w the previous same omakase say on 2.2.2017. the ingredients were distinctly inferior, but overall the omakase lunch still very good. just hope there is no continuous shifting of prices north & ingredients south!

c.h.e.f andy




#01-01, 6 Mohamed Sultan Road, 238956


+65 67349622

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri: 12:00 – 14:30

Tue – Fri: 18:00 – 23:00

Sat, Sun & PH: 18:00 – 23:00

No lunch of Sat, Sun & PH

Closed: Alt Sun


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