Quite Good Teochew Food @ Chui Huay Lim on 3Nov2017

teochew dishes

had a jumbo S$100 e-voucher expiring 9.11.2017 that can be used at chui huay lim, got my OPS bros to join me for a 5pax dinner on 3.11.2017. ^^

ter kar ton – pig trotter jelly S$12

i need to order like S$200 to use the S$100 e-voucher.

it’s more convenient now withe-voucher only need to show my ic. service was good. the young guy is from shandong jinan (provincial capital). he helped me to compute the food orders & i managed to order about S$203 including tea (S$1.20pax quite ok) & nuts (S$2/plate also ok), so i can apply the S$100 vouchers discounts. 🙂

the ter kar ton – pig trotter jelly S$12 was competent, ok…i had better ones…

hae chor – ngoh hiang prawn rolls S$12

hae chor – ngoh hiang prawn rolls S$12 was very good, very tasty. 🙂

crab meat fish maw soup S$42

the crab meat fish maw soup S$42 also very good, chokeful of ingredients & mostly importantly a very tasty stock! 🙂

the hae chor & this crabmeat fish maw soup are what i would order if i come again. 🙂

1/2 braised duck S$32

the 1/2 braised duck S$32 was the worst dish we had this evening, a disaster considering that braised duck & goose are like the signatures of every good teochew restaurant.

we ordered 1/2 duck S$32 according to menu, but it came as a plate of sliced meat.

there was no options for 鸭片&鸭肉as in many teochew restaurants, and it makes NO sense to serve 1/2 duck in this manner. it did not look like 1/2 duck at all & we did not feel there were thigh meat, only breast meat.

i will NEVER EVER order this dish here again! FULLSTOP!

we should have just rejected the dish la! lol! 🙂

i guess to be fair duck itself was passable, a bit soft & bland in taste with no texture c/w eating a proper duck meat – a style i do not like…

to illustrate the above photo of imperial treasure’s teochew restaurant show’s how 1/2 braised duck should be served. 

orh lua – oyster omelette S$20

there was cold crab available this evening.

& i absolutely refused to order any fish here! like S$110 for a treadfin fish tail & pomfret etc.

very easy to do just as good steam fish at home for 10% the cost.

pepper beef fillet S$14

the pepper beef fillet S$14 was excellent.

this not the chinese tenderised beef cube style which very artificially tender & overly sweet.

this a bit like korean or western fillet style, done very nicely & even came with caramelised onions.

pepper beef fillet S$14

certainly a dish i would order again…very good for the price! ^^

string beans 四季豆 S$14 

the string beans 四季豆 S$14 was expensive like many vegetable dishes these days. it was quite tasty though, so quite fine by me.

seafood mee sua S$22

the seafood mee sua was nice, flavourful. my friends liked it, said good wok hae, and tasty.

seafood mee sua 

& small serving S$22 good enough for 5pax…

orh nee – yam paste S$5/bowl

i didn’t think much of the orh nee – yam paste S$5/bowl. S$25 for 5pax & quite bland & tasteless, not “pang” not flavourful.

a really good one would be like at fragrant garden – then it would be worth eating.

overall the food was below the standard of frangrant gardens where HC bought 9pax OPS dinner on 30.12.2016. 

dinner came to about S$121 after S$100 voucher discounts, so for that price then it was pretty decent food to have for 5pax!

c.h.e.f andy


Chui Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine



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