Early Birthday Lunch for my RI Running Buddy @ Tunglok Signatures Orchard Parade on 3Jan2017

siew yoke roast pork

siew yoke roast pork – S$12

had a nice lunch with my running buddy at tunglok signatures today on 3.1.2017. ^^

food here always nice, but parking is expensive, & now they refused to give free parking. so my friend piked me up & we went in one car. go green anyway!

the siew yoke – roast pork always good here. it’s amazing all these good restaurants, they can render out the fat layer almost completely, so it’s like a crispy skin plus fairly lean meat below! 🙂

lie tong 例汤with arrow roots

lie tong 例汤with arrow roots – 1/2 pot for S$16

i ordered the lie tong 例汤 everytime.

they are always good, and often better than many sharksfin soup la…

1/2 pot = S$16 serves 4 bowls, so good for 2-3pax.

today it’s arrowroots, still good but not the best. the best include 鸡骨草 & green papaya etc…

salted egg prawns & wasabi prawns

salted egg prawns & wasabi prawns – S$10

the prawns in 2 ways also my frequent order.

it looked nice, and came with a 2 large prawns – wasabi & salted egg, very well matched with a sweet water melon. today it was done very well. sometimes the deep-fry not light & just right.

salted egg prawns & wasabi prawns

salted egg prawns & wasabi prawns 

all these are 1 person portion. but really the meal would be too heavy if you order a few course, so we took 1 portion to share, and for my friend, for him to taste more dishes.

so shared by 2, still a very welcoming portion. 🙂

pepper sauce lamb rack

pepper sauce lamb rack – S$12

tunglok does one of the best chinese (maybe fusion??) lamb rack.

maybe all good chinese restaurants do that these days.

pepper sauce lamb rack

pepper sauce lamb rack – S$12

lamb was nicely medium rare, tender & no strong gamey taste, just like any western preparation.

& the pepper sauce was just nice, not overly stickly sweet, overpoweringly pepperish like they used to do in older time chinese restaurants.

fried kailan

fried kailan – S$18

this kailan must be among their worst dishes!

quite edible, but neither presentation, look nor taste belongs to the dish quality in this restaurant.

it’s more like from a quite mediocre zi char. most zi char will do better than this. & i would do too myself la…lol!^^

lobster noodles

lobster noodles – S$28

the lobster noodles here always good.

i order 1 portion each. the lobster steak was done very well, as always, very good grilled flavours & excellent bite texture.

the  yellow sauce was ok. today the dish came early while we were working on the kailan & we took it a bit later, so the yellow sauce not as great when cold. noodles remained al dente & good. 🙂

this the dish i emulated & rehashed 2+yrs back = king prawn noodles (黄焖大虾面)

noodles & sauce-wise, mine wasn’t too bad too. of course cannot compare with the lobster steak.

c.h.e.f andy


Tunglok Signatures @ Orchard Parad

Address :
Orchard Parade Hotel #02-18
1 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247905

Contact :
Tel : +65 6834 0660
Fax : +65 6834 0550

Opening Hours :

Lunch :11.30am – 3.00pm (Daily)
Dinner :6.00pm -10.30pm (Daily)


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