Good Kueh Chap Average Trotters So-so Pig Innard Soup @ Kangle 康乐 at HK43 Food House on 30Dec2016

kueh chap

kueh chap

my RI friend came by my place this morning. we decided to go to HL43 Food House at holland drive to have some kueh chap on 30.12.2016. ^^

kueh chap

S$4 kueh chap

i had some nice kueh chap here the other day, so didn’t mind having it again.

big intestines

S$3.50 big intestines head 大肠头-very ex

i added the big intestines head 大肠头S$3.50 very ex leh..

the stall holder explained that there is a lot of big intestines, but very few big intestines head 大肠头, so it is relatively quite expensive. next time i will just order big intesties.

pig trotters

S$4.50 pig trotters

pig trotters

S$4.50 pig trotters

the pig trotters was just ok i think.

my friend thought it was not good, some parts not so tender, and the lean meat a bit chunky..

for me, most of the gelatinous parts were quite ok, just not the best i had.



the kueh here one of the best i had. texture was perfect & the soup also, among the better ones.

pig innards soup

S$3.50 pig innards soup

the pig innards soup i agree with my friend not so great.

soup sweetness a bit artificial, not as good as the recent one we had at aik kee, geyland east central food centre.

the lunch was quite ok for me, just the big intestine head was ex.

anyway great time together with this friend…

c.h.e.f andy


康乐kueh chap

HL43 Food House (43 Holland Drive)
Singapore 270043

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