Shikisai Ryokan 12-14Oct2016 = OK but Not Good Value & Poor Service – Day 1 Nikko


shikisai ryokan room

wife booked shikisai ryokan 12-14oct2016.

nice ryokan. room was big. n0t much view, and matters not whether lakeview or mountain view, since it was a short distance upon the slope & everywhere blocked by trees.

shikisai quite a popular ryokan. this period fully booked. there is a bus stop outside named shikisai & there is big signage at the lake chuzenji stop directing traffic at the road T junction turning left towards lake chizenji.

shikisai lobby - checking in

shikisai lobby – checking in

shikisai picked us up at tobu nikko station.

there is free coffee, tea & water at the lobby area.

view from shikisai lobby

view from shikisai lobby

the lobby had glass all round.

view from shikisai lobby 2

view from shikisai lobby

looking at the trees outside.

unfortunately autumn came late this year, so not yet seeing the koyo colours & momiji.

view from shikisai ryokan room

view from shikisai ryokan room

same for view from the ryokan room.

shikisai ryokan room

shikisai ryokan room

mochi green tea @ shikisai ryokan room

mochi green tea @ shikisai ryokan room

there was the standard welcome tea at the ryokan room, with a nice mochi & plum sweet & green/red tea we make ourselves.

service was very poor for this price of ryokan!

in many ryokan of this price range or lower, the service staff bringing us to the room would make the tea ready for us, and several even provided macha抹茶 instead of just cheap green tea in bags.

on the next night 13.10.2016, we had to move to a different room as ryokan was fully booked & we could only get a substantially more expensive room with an outdoor jacuzzi (a completely waste of time & money!). i asked the service staff if he wanted to show us how to use the outdoor jacuzzi, he basically just waived me off. we didn’t bother as the jacuzzi looked miserable & useless.


shikisai dining hall – dinner

shikisai has a nice dining hall at the basement near to the onsen.


shikisai dining hall – breakfast

looked even better in the morning for breakfast dining.

shikisai ryokan room3

shikisai ryokan room

as is the practice for ryokan, they will make the bed for you when you have dinner. nice & warm. 🙂

& they will keep them for you while you having breakfast.

one comment on the onsen. couldn’t/didn’t bring phone to take pictures, but the onsen at shikisai really poor by japanese standards for this price of ryokan – plain, rundown, no rock deco etc. many ryokan onsen are just beautiful!

they do have sulphur or natural occurring onsen. 🙂

c.h.e.f andy


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