At Least They have One nice Dish LOL! @ Red Star Restaurant on 10Jan2020

my OPS bro WM bought 5pax lunch @ red star today on 10.1.2020.^^

haven’t been here for like >30yrs! lol! didn’t miss much la…

dimsum just as bad as before..quite strange after 30yrs no improvement 😱

only steamed pork ribs out of 6 dimsum was good. steamed chicken feet passable..hargao i did not try looked the wrong colour & texture..siew mai inedible, fun cheong & egg tart poor…

surprisingly the pork floss softshell crab and the chicken 金龙鸡 pretty good quite ok..

saving grace the toman fish in 3 preparations just $48 very was the braised beehoon good wok hae and very tasty..both soup & fish fillet fried with kailan good and all 3 large helping..

but this is a push cart dimsum restaurant so poor inedible dimsum quite meaningless..

come back another 30yrs or just eat fish in 3 ways?

c.h.e.f andy



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