The Best Yakiniku (Children Bought Mother’s Day Dinner) @ Aburiya on 10May2019

wagyu sasshimi

children bought 7pax mother’s day dinner @ aburiya robertson quay on 10.5.2019.

wife and i leaving for hiking holiday at blue mountains so children brought forward the celebrations.

aburiya is our family go to place for yakiniku and my wife favourite restuarant.

this evening we also have JH and aunty bes so 7pax family dinner.

the wagyu “carpaccio” dish everyone’s favourite and we ordered 2 servings.

wagyu beef platter

the beef platter S$35 has good combination jo karubi (prime shortribs), rossu, and i think sirloin, the best cut. we ordered 2 servings also.

sweet corn

sweet corn very nice.


and we ordered chicken and one pork for aunty bes.


kimchi chigae

we love both the bibimen and kimchi chigae here.

and we also ordered the bibimbap, i think forgot to take photo.

jo karubi

and the jo karubi (prime shortribs) was excellent. i think we ordered like 3 servings plus one serving of karubi.

always a satisfying meal and great family time together at aburiya.

c.h.e.f andy



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