Great 6pax Lunch @ Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck on 2Jun2019

super peking duck

super peking duck

jessie & WMbought wonderful 6pax lunch @ imperial treasure super peking duck at asia square – with WT& GY on 2.6.2019. ^^

Imperial Treasure food always good..

this restaurant in particular is famous for its “super peking duck” which indeed was very good..

the skin was served first, dipped with a bit of sugar. i had this preparation at goodwood park meng jiang 岷江at rochester eons ago.

if i were to make a comparison, for myself kai gardens overall experience better with the unique crispy beancurd item adding texture when eaten together in the peking duck wrap.

imperial treasuere super peking duck

imperial treasuere super peking duck

ambience was great and quite good crowd on a sunday lunch.

roast pork

roast pork the top standard, pressed, fat rendered out, and tasty perfect texture.

crispy fupeiquin 炸腐皮卷


cheong fun 肠粉

dimsum were all good especially fun cheong very smooth perfect texture..

crispy fupeiquin good. and 潮州粉果 good too.

lei tong 例汤

lei tong 例汤 ingredients 0

lie tong always good, very smooth and tasty..i had better lie tong at (also) imperial treasure and crystal jade, but this is good consistent standard…

minced duck meat with cabbage

minced duck meat with cabbage

cabbage wrap preparation for minced peking duck neat very good too very “pang” and not so oily. i seldom take this preparation…

3 egg spinach

3 egg spinach

3 egg spinach looked great and more than competent. 🙂

dumpling 大粽子

the 粽 dumpling so so for me the glutinous rice were mushy i think oversteamed.

super peking duck

it was a wonderful lunch with good friends.

after lunch, wife and i went to WM place. we had msw durians from SKC at tiong bahru. very nice!

c.h.e.f andy




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