Best Chirashi Don @ En Sakaba on 11Feb2018

en chirashi don S$28 

went with sis for 2pax chirashi don dinner at en sakaba on 11.2.2018. ^^

today was my second time here. was here a while ago with wife on 22.7.2017.

food here a bit temperamental, maybe depends on the day, freshness of sashimi etc…

anyway today’s chirashi don was excellent, but when i came afterwards couple weeks later, not as good!

beef tataki S$13 

carpaccio was excellent too, nice tender beef and the slightly tangy ponzu dressing was perfect! again it was not as good when i returned with my wife 2 weeks afterwards..

grilled kurobuta collar S$12 

grilled kurobuta was poor.

grilled kurobuta collar S$12 

meat itself was ok, marbled &  flavourful, but overall not great, dry, overcooked i thought…

en chirashi don S$28 

chirashi don the best!

anago was really really good, and unagi too!

aka ebi good, almost the size like botan ebi! crab claw was sweet, there was a good blob of uni & sashimi all fresh & sweet.

en chirashi don S$28 

this would rank as the best chirashi don i had for S$28!

again, when i was back with wife 2 weeks later, not as good, sashimi not as fresh, uni serving like 1/2. crab claws, anago & unagi all still as good!

still like the place, will go back again!

c.h.e.f andy


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