Great 3pax RI Friends Lunch @ Spize Temasek Club, Rifle Range Road on 19Apr2017

thai sweet chilli seafood fried rice

i returned to my weekly jog with my RI friend & jogging buddy after quite many weeks of lay-off as I was indisposed.

i was meeting another RI friend at temasek club at rifle range road, who was helping me to prepare something for an upcoming occasion. so 3 of us decided to have lunch at spize @ temasek clubon 19.4.2017. ^^

spize @ temasek club rifle range road

first time I was here.

we were like the only ones here at 11.30am. the restaurant was almost full soon afterwards. 🙂

spize @ temasek club rifle range road

ambience was great.

high ceiling, great lighting. we were seated by the full length windows overlooking the swimming pool.

thai sweet chilli seafood fried rice

I wanted to order a lighter lunch, like a wrap, but the server said the mayonnaise could not be served separately & came together with the flat bread. didn’t sound great. so I changed my order to the thai sweet chilli seafood fried rice.

taste wise, it was competent. and it looked good, well presented.

there were good helping of mussels, sotong & some chicken too, and the slightly sweet thai chilli salsa. I didn’t mind it.

thai sweet chilli seafood fried rice S$11.90

rice was very fragrant, tasty, though I took very small portion of it.

I think price was S$11.90. it was good & comptent café food.

chicken biryani

my friend said the chicken biryani was good too.

the basmati rice looked great, there was a whole thigh, some dhal, a papadum & some achar, quite complete.

chicken biryani

nicely presented too.

biryani most important, rice must be flavourful, separate grains not mushy.

couldn’t really remember the price but it should be like  S$16.90 or S$18.90.

seafood mee goring

the seafood mee goring looked mighty impressive too.

but my friend said it was “kiam” – salty. later I asked him was it just a little salty or like quite salty? I think it was quite salty.

I did ask him to change right at the beginning if he didn’t like it.  but my friend persevere with it.

seafood mee goring

looked beautiful, but quite salty, so that would be poor for me.

we had a great lunch together. one of them travelling with me to UK next week. I got couple of things done too. good fun with great friends.

my jogging partner bought lunch. he is a member of temasek.

c.h.e.f andy


Spize at RTemasek Club Rifle Range Road

131 Rifle Range Road #03-04 Singapore 588406


+65 6337 7493

Operating Hours:
Weekdays: 8am to 11pm
Weekends: 8am to 11pm


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