Good Great Value Lunch @ Lighthouse Bistro on 28Mar2019

3pax lunch at lighthouse bistro

had a previous 8pax dinner with kluang group here using chope offpeak 50% discount vouchers on

had a leftover S$50 chope voucher expiring today, so arranged to have 3pax late lunch 2pm with RI bro LKY and OPS bro WM on 28.3.2019. ^^

lighthouse bistro design cutlery

lighthouse bistro had delightful design cutlery. 🙂

appetizer platter S$20

the S$20 appetizer platter had a good serving of 4pieces prawns, fish fritters, mussels and nice calamari.

this a great dish, fritters was excellent though the fish likely just dory, batter was great. mussels had slight sweet sour taste done well and tasty. prawns had light breadcrumbs nice too and the calamari was the best, done just right and excellent sauce too.

honey bbq chicken S$19

honey bbq chicken S$19

the S$19 hoeny bbq chicken was very good too.

this quite easy dish to make, so i will try making this dish soon, just the usual pangrilled tender chicken and drizzling honey over then flamed the chicken. see how it goes shortly.

pisang dessert S$11

pisang dessert S$11

the pisang dessert was an impressive brownie topped with bananas and ice cream. an excelletn dessert. WM loved it.

bill 3pax lunch

bill was S$50 + GST = S$58.85.

the S$50 chope voucher cost S$25 and adding the GST service ++, so total paid was S$33.85 for the wonderful 3pax 2pm lunch.


after lunch we walked back across the road and LKY bought kopi.

appetizer platter S$20

a very good lunch indeed, great time with bros and great value for money at S$34 nett.

c.h.e.f andy




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