Super “gonelohmee” 干捞面 aka Dried Tossed Noodles

"gonelohmee" aka dried tossed noodles

“gonelohmee” aka dried tossed noodles

my helper made a super “gonelohmee” aka dried tossed noodles for dinner this evening on 6.11.2015. ^^

wife taught her how to make this, & we have this pretty often.

i have not done this myself before, so this post does not qualify as a recipe post. 🙂

"gonelohmee" ingredients

“gonelohmee” ingredients

ingredients are straight forward. so is preparation i think.

the key would be the right mix of chilli sauce. that i do not know yet. but when i want to try it, i will experiment a bit.

totally dente noodles

totally dente noodles

noodles were totally al dente…super nice…better than most bakchormee outside i would say..

prawns minced pork mushroom sauce & toppings

prawns minced pork mushroom sauce & toppings

& the prawns minced pork mushroom sauce & toppings..these were outstanding, super tasty. 🙂

nice stir-fry nai bai 奶白

nice stir-fry nai bai 奶白

stir-fry nai bai 奶白 was just for balance. & a very good one too. simple stir-fry.

great dinner this evening! ^^

c.h.e.f andy