Dinner with Sunil & Linda @ 665 on 21Apr2022

4pax dinner with Sunil & Linda @ 665 deg andaz on 21.4.2022.^^

just returned from a wonderful melbourne/gr4at ocean road/grampian trip. will document that later.

Lisa still on leave today and earlier decided to invite our in-laws Sunil & Linda for dinner.

we took the tasting menu …

we had this before but the A4 kagoshima wagyu was replaced this time with regular tenderloin, a far cry really.

so understandably dinner quite below expectations la.

bread was nice & warm.

amuse bouche was underwhelming.

scallops was tender, sweet, competent.

lobster bisque was usual flavourful and tasty, still good standard.

chilean seabags was good not the best…

tenderloin was like any other…there is just no reference to make with A4 Kagoshima wagyu.

pre dessert and dessert ok…but this tiramisu no comparison with 8picure chef gabriel’s, not even with my own tiramisu la…

I guess basically below expectations and also same food as saline’s wedding at andaz…should have gone somewhere else.

still a nice dinner chat catching up with in-laws and sharing the fun trip we just had.

c.h.e.f Andy


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