Recipe = 豆签Bean Noodles Bakchormee on 20Jun2020

my 豆签bakchormee

my 豆签bean noodles bakchormee

made my own 豆签bean noodles bakchormee on 20.6.2020. ^^👍😀

had leftover minced pork & thinly sliced pork fillet. using bean noodles.

a small bundle of 豆签 bean noodles offer very small serving & very light carbs, ideal for me la…

& now my chilli sauce is as good as any outside 👍😀-

  • 1tbsp oyster sauce, maggi chilli, crispy prawn chilli, black vinegar, 1tsp fish sauce-the best!👍

becos i had very little bean noodles (maybe 50g) and my minced pork and sliced pork were not marinated, so above condiments mix was good, otherwise i say same ratio but good for between 100g and 150g of noodles.

this was a perfect bowl, texture and taste! and for sure no overeating for me la…

c.h.e.f andy



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