Good 酸菜鱼& Lam Rack other dishes mediocre @Laobejing on 6Nov2019

sour fish soup


went with CCG to novena. still missing our bro who would have fetched CCG today. CL, CM & WL joined.

CG bought 6pax lunch at lao beijing.@ velocity. LCH came to join lunch.

酸菜鱼 was good.

peking duck so so…
pig trotters below par not as good as hawker stall…
vegetables tasted good but pathetic small serving…
小笼包mediocre some way off from imperial treasure paradise dynasty…

rack of lamb

Lamb rack very good

surprisingly lamb rack was very good.

a mediocre place. luckily 酸菜鱼 the and lamb rack were good, & lunch with bros always enjoyable.

after lunch, choon hung bought kopi.

c.h.e.f andy



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