Average Congee Superex Price @ Mui Kee on 20Dec2018

S$10.80 congee set & S$12.80 beef brisket noodles

went to qcd wheelock to replace my iphone 6 battery.

apple got S$38 battery replacement program ending 31dec (outside shopsS$58) so impossible to get appointments at the 5 outlets..

even with appointments at 1pm need to wait 1-2hrs just to hand in the phone, and another 4-6hrs to collect back..my friends told me JB just 1/2hr..

So i arranged with OPS bros to meet & HC suggested mui kee at shaw centre ..we went to the one at mongkok a few times 🙂

I cooking for 13pax makan group for pete this evening so just took a coffee..very ex S$48 for 2pax congee don’t think i come again.

qcd queue notification sms not working. I arranged linch cos not waiting 1-2hrs there..was there 2.20pm just missed my queue no. 8023..luckily they let me back waited 10mins and 1/2hr just to process finished 3pm

mui kee

mui kee

there was a short queue though, so i guess people are happy to pay the price.

S$10.80 mixed pork congee

the congee was ok but no better than crystal jade or paradise dynasty.

WM said not as good as the S$5 hong ji fish belly porridge at commonwealth crescent…lol!

congee set + S$4 chi cheong fun

S$4 chi cheong fun

chi cheong fun quite good, of course it was just plain stuff with sweet sauce.

S$10.80 beef brisket noodles

beef brisket was ok i think very ex at S$12.80.

S$8 poached kai lan

the S$8 poached kailan was very good though.

S$48 for 2pax super ex!!!

S$10.80 congee set & S$12.80 beef brisket noodles

i only took a coffee.

so basically like S$48 for 2pax…super ex for quite ordinary congee.

c.h.e.f andy



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