6pax OPS Reminisce Sakura Trip Donburi Dinner on 8May2018

donburi dishes 

5 of us OPS buddies had a wonderful sakura trip 5-13.4.2018.^^ will blog on that later. 🙂

this evening we gathered to reminisce our sakura food adventures. FM could not attend. WT & WM’s wife J joined for 6pax dinner.

I made-
1 pan seared hokkaido scallops
2 kakuni – jap braised belly pork
3 flamed miso belly pork
4 ika sugatayaki (flamed whole squid)
5 tamago – jap rolled egg
6 teriyaki red garoupa
7 usda prime ribeye
8 grilled veg
9 yakisoba

donburi dishes

all the donburi dishes + yakisoba. didn’t bother about okonomiyaki, anyway enough carbs liao.



i cooked just 1.25cups sushi rice for 6pax. added 2tbsp sushi vinegar & 1tbsp mirin.

rice was nice, and enuogh!

grilled scallops

grilled scallops 

i made some pan-seared scallops.

as shared with J during dinner chat, key was scallops must be bone dry, not too much butter (or oil) & a good non stick pan..the crust have to formed immediately on high heat. otherwise pretty straight forward.



made 2 tamago rolls, good as usual. 🙂

flamed miso belly pork

flamed miso belly pork

and flamed miso belly pork.

i boiled/cleaned belly pork to remove scum, cut away the skin, then marinated in miso overnight, then 6hrs in 95degC oven, so fat mostly rendered out & belly pork was flavourful with miso & fat. then flamed when serving. ^^

kakuni – jap braised pork belly

kakuni – jap braised pork belly 

i did another belly pork dish, the jap kakuni…

it was perfect at the time of cooking, very tender & flavourful. but since it was done a few hrs before dinner, th epork would dry out & toughen.

so i did 40mins steaming before serving..it was pretty good, but still a tack tough c/w the flamed miso belly pork.

ika sugatayaki

ika sugatayaki

i did a ika sugatayaki. i bought the japan squid (supposedly sashimi quality but i dared not use as sashimi, from donki at B2 orchard central).

it was quite lovely, and everyone loved this dish, except HC who coud not take sotong.

grilled vege

the grilled veg was good too.

teriyaki red garoupa

teriyaki red garoupa

i did teriyaki red garoupa, 2 small ones.

fried to crisp the skin on both sides. then same condiments as HK steamed actually=2tbsp mirin, 2-3tbsp light soy sauce, 2tbsp olive oil, and reduced to cook fish & to produce thick sticky sauce.



the yakisoba was a bit overcooked. it was at first ok. but i added 2 eggs late & heated a bit more, then became a bit overcooked. 🙂

usda prime ribeye

usda prime ribeye 

my usda prime ribeye was consistently good.

this even though, i was worried the guys may not take medium rare, so after cutting to see the doneness, i cooked a bit more, and ended up overcooking it. a mistake! must trust my instincts more & just take the first go…



goldilocks brownie

M made excellent madeleines, not too sweet. ^^

WT brought mangoes & soursop

WM & j brought groundnuts &

Hak Chong brought red wine

we had a really good time, food was good & company & friendship best!

we had karaoke afterwards & friends left near to 11pm…



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