Supremely Good Chapgomeh 元宵节 5pax Home Dinner on 2Mar2018

claypot chicken rice 

made excellent 5pax chapgomeh 元宵节home dinner this evening. ^^

1 claypot chicken rice – the best!
2 scallion baked salmon fish head
3 prawn tofu
4 eggwhite scallops brocoli 赛螃蟹

scallion baked salmon fish head & prawn tofu were tops, superb this evening.

赛螃蟹 my first attempt after reading from Internet earlier only when cooking eggwhite i realised forgot to add milk! Anyway, son, daughter & sil all loved it!

claypot chicken rice

my claypot rice always good, and this evening it was specially good!

very tender, sweet chicken, and tasty, smoky, flavourful rice, and very little burnt parts..quite perfect!

tofu prawns 

tofu prawns very good too…


medium, fresh prawns…


tofu well infused (very importantly) with very tasty chicken stock…

tofu prawns

tofu prawns 

to make a very tasty tofu prawn dish…

scallion baked salmon fish head 

i used salmon fish head as proxy of 鸦片鱼 (a flat fish)头.

we had 鸦片鱼头 in shanghai at old jessie & also 陈记,

and my OPS bro brought back 2 for me from shanghai which i made recently.

鸦片鱼头 has firm, flaky, sweet flesh like cod, and a softbone structure for the head like salmon…really excellent dish…

this time, i bought 3 salmon fish heads from song fish star vista for only S$3each. so i used this as a proxy of the 鸦片鱼头! ^^

scallion baked salmon fish head 

i covered the salmon fish head with scallions, then the usual 2tbsp olive oil, 3-4tbsp light soy sauce & squeeze 1 lime (1 tbsp lime juice), and roast in a 250degC ove for 10mins.

roasting makes the flesh firmer & a dryer more intense sauce condiments c/w steaming…

赛螃蟹egg white brocoli 

this the first time i made 赛螃蟹egg white brocoli .

will write up a separate recipe later…

赛螃蟹egg white brocoli 

i googled online recipe…7 egg whites, trawling in oil for a min etc, not difficult to do..

赛螃蟹egg white brocoli

however, after cooking a few other dishes, and starting the 赛螃蟹egg white brocoli dish, only at the moment the eggwhite hit the oil did i realise that i forgot to add milk to the egg white.

anyway, result look like fried egg white omelette…i added good black vinegar, very flavourful…everyone liked it, the nice, “pang”, slight sour flavour of good vinegar.

though we do not normally celebrate chapgomeh 元宵节home dinner, and so this dinner was rather kind of impromptu, anyway the dishes turned out mostly perfectly, so everyone was happy with the food & spending the evening together with family!

c.h.e.f andy

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