Bring Back Roast Goose from 鹅皇馆 Hong Kong & 5pax Home Dinner on 19Jan2018

roast goose from 鹅皇馆 hong kong

we had roast goose twice, at yat lok stanley street & also  鹅皇馆 opposite metropark mongkok hotel, during the recent hong kong/shenzhen trip 14-18.1.2018.

on the last day 18.1.2018, our flight was 7.55pm.

i decided to buy 2 roast goose back, HK$380 each, about S$65 each, quite ok….sis bought a whole wax goose HK$188.

i gave 1/2 to my brother YS, and 1/2 to my OPS bro WM, and kept 1 roast goose for my family.

roast goose from 鹅皇馆 hong kong

transportation was a problem. i decided to handcarry up the plane like i did last time.

this time the shop tried to charge me HK$30 for each box to keep the roast goose – not very smart these people…i was not going to pay HK$60 for 2 boxes…

maybe as a result, my wrapping were not good like last time. another problem i now recall was that last time, i left the duck open to air in the plastic bag. this time they were wrapped up, so there was condensation & the skin was moist when i finally reached home & unpacked.

another problem was last time WM & I bought 1/2 roast goose each. this time they were whole goose & the shop forgot to remove the metal pin. this caused problem at the security, and was quite messy as i had to unwrap & remove the pin & it was all oily & messy.

roast goose from 鹅皇馆 hong kong

last time i arrived home early & we ate the roast goose as late supper on the same day.

this time i reached home like 1.30am, so goose had to be eaten following day, and i arranged for them to be air-cooled overnight with a fan blowing to dry the skin…

roast goose from 鹅皇馆 hong kong

roast goose from 鹅皇馆 hong kong

goose was still very tasty & flavourful (WM actually ate it a few days later & heat it up) …but really not the same without the very crispy when served in hong kong.

claypot chicken rice

for the evening, family gathered for 5pax dinner.

so i made claypot chicken rice to serve with the roast goose.

claypot chicken rice

claypot chicken rice

my usual very good standard claypot rice.

very flavourful, and tender, moist & tasty chicken, daughter love the chicken.

prawn egg omelette

wife made her prawn egg omelette, which everyone likex.

lady fingers

& aunty Bes, our helper, did a sambal lady fingers. very good! 🙂

great dinner! 🙂

roast goose from 鹅皇馆 hong kong

i think it is worthwhile to bring back the roast goose. it was only S$65 & some coffeeshop or stalls roast duck here already going for like S$42..

but best if hand carry with double layer heavy duty plastic bag (oily), and kept it open to air…a broad tote bag would be convenient.

c.h.e.f andy

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