Very Fresh Oysters and 1/2 Lobster @ The Oyster Shed Isles of Skye on 11Jun2017 (Day 3 Fort Williams/Isle of Skye Trip 9-14Jun2017)

freshly shucked oysters – 6 for £6

as we were driving by loch harport on the way to fairy pools @ glenbrittle on 11.6.2017,

we saw a sign pointing to the oyster shed…we thought “that’s our next stop”…

as it was, after leaving fairy pools, it started to rain, and quite heavily, so we might as well have a rest stop…

the sign led us past talisker distillery, and shortly the oyster shed.

we did not see many cars on the road, but evidently they all had the same idea, and the small carpark was literally full as we parked.

a short dash in the rain to the shed!

we ordered the freshly shucked oysters – 6 for £6. it was good – fresh, sweet, no  lingering metallic taste. we ordered a second serving.

half lobster = £8

we were also attracted to the chilled 1/2 lobster.

generally we are not so attracted the this preparation of chilled lobster, crab or seafood platter as they are usually quite tasteless.

half lobster = £8

this 1/2 lobster though was sweet, juicy, tasty.

grilled scallopsr = £6.50

it was still raining and very cold, so we decided to order the grilled scallops, 4 for £6.50. it came with the thai sweet chilli dip (like the lobster also), a lettuce & couple triangular toast.

scallops not great as we expected, still passable.

rested & quite satisfied, we got back to our car in the rain, and drove to our next hotel, skeabost hotel & checked in.

c.h.e.f andy


Opening Hours:


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